04.12.11 13:04
Von: Robin Stasiak

Test: Roccat Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard

Die Easyshift[+] Funktion

Die Easyshift[+] Funktion hatte uns Anfangs etwas irritiert. Im Auslieferungszustand ersetzt diese nämlich die Caps-Lock Taste. Bis man den Tastaturtreiber installiert hat, kann man also Caps-Lock nicht benutzen. Nach der Installation wurde es aber mit zu einem unserer Lieblingsfeatures. Easyshift lässt sich einer beliebigen Makrotaste zuweisen und schaltet beim gedrückt Halten (wie eine normale Shift-Taste) drei Bereiche um. Einmal die fünf Makrotasten am linken Rand, dann die drei Thumbster-Keys und den Block zwischen 1, 5, y und b, also den Bereich um WASD. Allen diesen Tasten kann man eine zweite Funktion zuweisen, welche bei gedrückter Easyshift-Taste verfügbar ist. Genial! 

Der Makro-Recorder

In einem Wort: einfach. Man erstellt nur eine neue Makro-Datei, wählt ob das Programm die Tastendrücke in Realzeit aufnehmen soll oder nicht und klickt "record". Alternativ kann man auch die REC-Taste auf der Tastatur benutzen. Hat man sein Makro fertig, drückt man erneut auf REC. Ingame wird man dabei wieder von der „Stimme“ der Tastatur darauf hingewiesen, ob man gerade ein Makro gestartet oder beendet hat. Das abgespeicherte Makro kann beschriftet und einer der programmierbaren Tasten zugewiesen werden.

Die Isku im Gaming-Test 

Auch durch einen Gaming-Test musste die ROCCAT Isku durch. Dabei sind uns zwei Schwachpunkte aufgefallen. Mit der Beleuchtung auf minimaler Stufe sind die Symbole oben auf den Tasten (z.B:  ! “ § $ %  usw.) nur schwer zu erkennen, da sie nur schwach oder ungleichmäßig beleuchtet werden. Bei steigern der Helligkeit verschwindet dieses Problem jedoch. Die Hochglanz-Optik sieht fantastisch aus, zieht jedoch Fingerabdrücke und Flecken magisch an. Wer damit leben kann, sollte aber einfach nur beeindruckt von der Optik sein.

Ansonsten: Auch nach stundenlangem Hardcore-Hämmern keinerlei Schwierigkeiten mit der Mechanik, die Größe ist annehmbar für den Transport und die Rückseite ist mit Kabelschächten für alle erdenklichen Kabelführungen versehen. Die großzügige Handgelenkauflage ist eine große Hilfe und gegenüber einigen Konkurrenzprodukten ist die Isku überraschend leicht, was LAN-Party Gänger interessieren dürfte. Insgesamt ein absolut robuster und würdiger Partner  beim Spielen.


Die Hamburger Jungs und Mädels haben nicht nur bewiesen, dass sie halten können was sie versprechen. Sie haben mit der ROCCAT Isku auch gezeigt, dass sie wissen was Gamern wichtig ist: Ein Keyboard, das robust, anpassungsfähig und innovativ ist. Ganz nebenbei ist es ihnen dabei gelungen einen echten Blickfang zu produzieren. Eine Tastatur, die ihr Geld absolut wert ist und die jedem Spielefreak nur wärmstens ans Herz gelegt werden kann. Respekt, ROCCAT.

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?What’s so wrong with sex before marriage?
Is God the pouncing ogre when He says that sex is strictly for marriage, or is He the loving, caring father, who knows that lovemaking is only satisfying if the lovers have a commitment of marriage?
The Bible shouldn't be the "prudish" book that usual opinion says it is. In Genesis, right in the beginning of our species, God instructs Adam to "know" (i.e. have intercourse with) his wife, Eve. Human sexuality is dealt with as an issue that could be very noticeably a part of our make-up. The "love poem" which is the Song of Solomon includes some very descriptive passages relating to lovers enjoying just about every others bodies. There are also scores of passages that relate the gains of "inappropriate" sexual contact. There are solid prohibitions against incest, rape, homosexuality and any type of sexual molestation. The Judaeo-Christian "cultural" prohibitions have grown out of these commandments, and centuries of observation for the gains of sexual behaviour.
• Females who have slept with three or way more people over a lifetime are 15 times way more probably to get cervical cancer.
• Couples who have sex before marriage are further most likely to get divorced. According to your study by the National Survey of Family Growth, ( USA ) women who have premarital sex increase their odds of divorce by about sixty percent. This fact alone delivers secular evidence for St. Paul ’s injunction, "flee fornication."
• The a whole lot more promiscuous that you're before marriage, the a little more seemingly you will be to commit adultery AFTER marriage.
• For those who live together before marriage, that you are added unlikely to marry that person. Columbia University found that "only 26 percent of women surveyed along with a scant 19 percent of men" married the person they had been living with. Another study showed that even if they do marry, couples who begin their marriages through cohabitation are almost twice as most likely to divorce within just ten years compared to all 1st marriages: 57 percent to 80 percent.
• Found that 'perfect person'? Don't be fooled! People who have sex before marriage run a risk of marrying someone who shouldn't be right for them. Sexual intimacy are often emotionally blinding and it makes couples truly feel closer than they really are. An individual counsellor put it perfectly by saying, "Real love can stand the take a look at of time without physical intimacy." The sexually active lose objectivity."
• That who try it outside the house of marriage often suffer guilt and fear due to the dangers of STDs or unwanted pregnancy. Feelings of guilt can lead to frigidity and impotence."
• Perhaps not so remarkably, it is those who stay pure and marry who enjoy sex most: The Family Research Council surveyed 1,100 people about their sexual satisfaction. Within a Washington Post op-ed, FRC’s William Mattox, Jr. took a seem for the inspiring gains. It was "found that 72 percent of all married ‘traditionalists (those who believe that sex outdoors of marriage is wrong) report great sexual satisfaction. This is," Mattox explained, "roughly 31 percentage points higher than the amount registered by unmarried ‘non-traditionalists’ (people who have no or only some objection to sex outdoors of marriage) and 13 percentage points higher than that registered by married non-traditionalists."
July 19, 2000 The Medical Institute Advisory www.medinstitute.org
Most Sexually Dealt with Teens Desire They Had Waited. The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy a short while ago surveyed a nationally representative sample of 501 teens ages 12 to 17 and found that 41 percent of these had had sexual intercourse. Among those who were being sexually knowledgeable, 63 percent on the total and 72 percent for the girls reported wishing they had waited longer before becoming sexually active.
Other important findings within the survey included. 1.) Teens rated their parents because the most influential factor in their decisions about sex. two.) 78 percent of all teens surveyed believed that teenagers should not be sexually active. 3.) 89 percent of those surveyed would advise their very own brother, sister, or friend not to have sex until at least after finishing great school.
In 1997, 73.0% of births to married women ended up healthy, compared with 53.5% of births to one women.
In 1997, 70.6% of births to women with at least a very high school education ended up healthy, compared with 51.2% of births to women with less than a big school education.
Mothers underneath 15 years of age continue on to be just about the most possibly to have a very low birth-weight baby; risk of decreased birth-weight is lowest among births to women 25-29 years of age.
Affordable birth-weight infants as a percentage of all infants born with the United States, by age of mother (1998). Beneath Age 15 13.1% Ages 15 - 19 9.5% Ages 20 - 24 7.5% Ages twenty five - 29 6.7% Ages 30 - 34 7.0% Ages 35 - 49 8.7%
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X, in his article, sets out to convince his readers that they shouldn’t have sex before marriage. Undoubtedly his intended audience is teenagers and he seeks to convince them by presenting plenty of separate, unconnected premises in service of his fundamental contention. Surely, none of these premises on their own private is solid enough to prevent a teenager from having sex before marriage nevertheless it is understandable how some teenagers may be greatly affected if they are presented with this whole collection of reasons all at once. The argument would be a lot stronger if all the premises were being linked and were being all clearly supported. Contingent on a teenager’s background and practical experience he/she will realize certain parts on the argument considerably more or less convincing. For example X begins his argument by seeking to existing the Bible as a ‘cool’ textual content and an authority on sexual matters. If I am anti-religion, or simply of the different religion than Christianity, then I will obviously not acquire this aspect of his argument convincing. After discussing the authority within the Bible, X moves on to the presentation of what he calls ‘just a few facts’. Whether or not, what X presents as ‘facts’ are indeed facts is the initially question we should ask and even if they are accepted as facts, a particular nonetheless needs to go on to consider the significance of these facts.
X’s primary choice of fact is somewhat worrying. Instead of trying to convince us logically, through reason, he jumps in with scare tactics. For those who are a woman and you have sex before marriage you will be 15 times a whole lot more probably to get cervical cancer. So, what X would seem to be saying is ‘any time you need to avoid cervical cancer, then avoid sex before marriage’. This is similar to the tactic of showing videos of actual bloody abortions to teenage girls, utilized so often by the anti-abortion lobby. Trying to get someone to adopt your point of look at, through fear, is absolutely not a sound way of arguing your case.
X’s next fact suggests that if you should have sex before marriage then you have a greater chance of finding divorced. To me, all this suggests is always that those who did not have sex before marriage did not do so merely because they believed strongly inside ‘sanctity’ of marriage. Those same people, in the event the marriage goes wrong, are equally reluctant to get divorced for exactly the same reason. Marriage is sacred and even if it is surely an unhappy a single, it must be endured seeing that ‘what God has joined together no man must separate’. Those who have sex before marriage are relaxed about sex, realistic about relationships and are prepared to admit defeat and try again elsewhere. What X should be seeking to establish is the degree of happiness within a marriage amongst those who had sex before the marriage and those that hadn’t. What he might possibly locate tends to be that there are most unhappy people in marriages considering they are afraid to get divorced – and what he may further locate is always that the people who are afraid to get divorced are the people who ended up afraid to have sex before marriage.
X goes on to claim that ‘in the event you live together before marriage, that you're extra unlikely to marry that person’. He obviously wants to current this as evidence as to why you should not have sex exterior marriage. However, if what he promises is true, then I would say that it leads to the opposite summary: you should have sex before marriage - it’s a way of tests whether the marriage would perform. If your ‘hormones’ are pushing you into having sex and you marry someone just so which you can legitimately have sex and thereby calm your raging hormones, then surely your marriage is depending on very insecure foundations. However, for those who have been having sex regularly with someone and you however decide to marry them, you may be doing so for a lot sounder reasons. Surely it is improved to have sex with someone and not marry them than to marry them, have sex with the to start with thirty day period, become unhappy and stay with them to the rest of your life just merely because you think marriage and sex is sacred?
Higher than, I have only focused on three of your ‘facts’ that X presents in assistance of his claim that sex before marriage is wrong. He promotions a lot other ‘facts’ unconnected with every other which contain as so many, if not considerably more flaws, than those just dealt with previously mentioned. Overall, X’s argument against sex before marriage is unconvincing since on the disconnectedness on the premises in addition to the questionable interpretations of his ‘facts’. Indeed the facts themselves are questionable. X has failed to convince me that sex before marriage is wrong and any teenager that may browse through his article, despite the fact that considering having sex, would undoubtedly act according to his private wishes rather than follow any advise given by X.
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